The first edition being sold out, so we’re happy to announce the second edition✌️

Besta, A4 Book, 18 pages, Risography + A5 ex-libris, 300 copies.
Printed in April 2024 in the village of Aldude in the Basque Country
by Mari Campistron

The book is printed in Basque, there is an ex libris in Basque and French with some excerpts from the interviews that goes with it !

🖤 During the summer 2021, we had the pleasure of being welcomed in residence by the Haran Ubel association in the village of Aldude in the Basque Country with the fabulous printer Mari Campistron . The result of this residency is a 5 colour Riso Printed fanzine based on 9 interviews with 15 woman (18 > 95 years old) who grew up and live in the valley.

👀 While it investigates their relationship to parties, the conversations occasionally lead to feminist topics and also mentioned the place given to Basque language during parties and their everyday life. 📚